Farm Rock

Leader in the agroindustrial business, on the growing of strawberries, raspberries, bluberries, blackberries, figs, dates and avocados with the highest quality standards in different regions of Mexico. Our expectations are focused on meeting the demands of our costumers, such as service, quality of our products, environmental assurance of production and traceability.


o fulfill our commitments to society and the consumer, it is our mission to deliver products in a reliable and quality manner, in a timely way and with national and international health standards.


To achieve international leadership in the agroindustrial market, as a company with Mexican roots and with the potential of our strategic alliances and our collaborators in the field throughout the entire line, from start to finish, providing wellbeing and environmental responsability.


Our main goal is honesty, both for our employees, customers and alliances, giving them equity and respect to all of those involved in the process, achieving wellness for all those who somehow integrates this amazing family, FARM ROCK.